Kenneth Laird Studio's Clothing Line

Bringing class to the art of wildlife and conservation

Made in the USA

Newest Waterfowl Collection

  • Prym1 Camo® Multi-Purpose and Woodlands patterns showcase flexibility of movement through various terrains, by utilizing the depth of colors, shadows and highlights with the organic shapes found on predators in the wild. Unlike the traditional 'sticks & leaves' camouflage, Prym1 Camo® was designed and built from the elements of nature.

  • Proudly licensed and made in the USA. "I believe that American made products and services signify a greater commitment to quality and craftsmanship."

    Kenneth Laird

  • Fl Camo original Palmetto pattern was custom created by FL Camo founding owner and Professional Florida Wildlife and Marine artist, Peter Agardy. 100% Original designs incorporated with photo-realistic custom painted and graphic-designs blend a variation of realistic and digital elements to recreate the terrain of the lower Southeast and Florida.